Shared proxies are a great way to surf the internet when you want to enter certain areas blocked by your Proxy Server. It doesn’t matter if you are a business organization or a single business person trying to make connections in areas outside our local. More than one person can use shared proxies at a time. These proxies use shared server addresses which means a group of people or an organization can use them together. All the more reason to shared proxy.

Understanding Shared Proxies

When you are surfing the internet and trying to interact with something blocked in your location, it is because the internet service provider has blocked it. You cannot unblock these restrictions by yourself but there are ways through which you can find ways to bypass the order and interact with the desired website. Shared Proxies uses shared locations that hide your actual location and put you through the server from a different location, where it is not restricted. Proxy server basically works as a middleman or intermediary server that filters all the data flowing through the server to your IP Address. This is how proxy server blocks your data. Contrary to this, when you buy shared proxies, they allow you to access them.

Benefits of Shared Proxies

  1. They are highly anonymous: The main purpose of using shared proxy is to be anonymous on the previously blocked server. These proxies allow you to access various shared IP addresses that you can use to reach the desired webspace.
  2. Great for Market Research: Marketers usually use these services to market research and understand different markets to create strategies for entering the business. Also, using these servers would not get you blocked.
  3. They are very efficient servers: the IP addresses and the server are good matches when using shared proxies. They allow you to do anything on the server while being completely anonymous.
  4. They are very cost-effective: They are cheap in prices concerning any other private proxy.
  5. They are fast servers: When you buy the proxy from a premium seller, they will provide you with better servers, allowing you fast speed than free shared proxies would.