Firstly, spying on someone without their permission is a criminal offense so you better be using spying cameras for some good reason or you have some information to pull out through spying cameras. Basically, spy cameras or hidden cameras are the cameras used to record or film someone without them knowing. They are mainly invented to be used by detective agencies or media houses to do sting operations. They are sometimes used in reality T.V shows by the producers to not let the participants know that they are being recorded or where they have kept the camera. These are mainly smaller in size with recording capability of high-quality videos, they are kept smaller in size so they can be hidden in places where people cannot know that there is a camera installed around them. There are some camera spy agencies that provide some cameras with audio recording ability.

How To Know That You Are Being Spied By A Spy Camera

There are many ways how you can know that someone is spying on you with a hidden camera or you are under surveillance of a hidden camera. You can look into smoke detectors, book-shelves or stuffed animals. It is considered that if you are under a hidden camera then your phone’s network is disturbed and mostly spy cameras are WIFI controlled then you can look for any WIFI name related to any camera name or a camera company name. You can search for the WIFI in your phone and if you found any unrecognized WIFI device then you might be under hidden camera surveillance.